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Wickford Showcase

PQA Drama Academy ShowcaseOn Saturday 12th March, The Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts – Wickford opened the doors to parents, family and friends, to see the Blue and Red Group Showcase, choreographed and produced by Leanne Rowe (Musical Theatre Teacher) and Karyn Mae Wilson Musical Theatre - Teaching Assistant. With many nerves and a definite buzz in the air, PQA Wickford put on a showcase to remember with a mix of fast paced music and sentimental numbers, including some well performed pieces from Bugsy Malone which were all executed magnificently by everyone. Proud parents were poised with cameras and our very own Sally (TV and Film Teacher) filmed proceedings to be aired at a later Film Screening. Praise of course goes to all our wonderful students who performed brilliantly, overcoming nerves and giving a top notch performance. I also have to add a special note of “well done” to the Green Group, whom, despite having performed their own showcase two weeks prior (and showed off at the Essex Schools Show-Choir competition at the Towngate Theatre Basildon), all supported their older friends and fellow students very vocally and appreciatively and added to the whole showcase atmosphere. Well done to everyone. We are very proud of you all. Stephen Hawke      

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Posted on April 18, 2011

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