Why do Performing Arts at The Pauline Quirke Academy?

Wolverhampton 21st November, 2019

Why do Performing Arts at The Pauline Quirke Academy?

When looking for ‘Child Acting classes near me’ it is great to hear what the students think and visit the academy to see for yourself. Student Emma tells us why she loves Performing arts classes at PQA Wolverhampton.

Emma is nearly 13 years old and is moving from our middle group to the older group so we thought her perspective on what she has been doing and her hopes for the older group would be enlightening.

How long have you been a member of PQA?

Just over 1 year.

Which is your favourite subject?

Comedy and Drama

What do you like best about PQA?

It is really fun. We do exciting things each week such as in Film & TV we make short films. In Musical Theatre we learn dances and sing and in Comedy and Drama we just performed a big show of Alice In Wonderland which was really fun because we used costumes and props

What is the most exciting thing you have done with PQA?

The Alice in Wonderland Show was really exciting, performing the same piece lots of times in a day to different audiences.

Want was the best thing about being in blue group?

Everyone is really kind and I get along with everyone.

What are you looking forward to as a member of Red Group?

All the shows and performances

Emma’s group will be moving on to some amazing projects in the coming months, in Musical Theatre they will be preparing for our incredible West End performance in 2020 (The whole academy has the opportunity to perform in London’s iconic West End at Her Majesty’s Theatre home to Phantom of the Opera in a specially written musical). In Film and TV the group will be recreating a scene from The Dark Knight for a national film competition while in Comedy and Drama they will be preparing monologues for a national competition.

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