PQA Torbay Win The 5 Week Film Challenge

Torbay 7th March, 2023

PQA Torbay Win The 5 Week Film Challenge

Roll over Edward Scissorhands – check out Rollerhands, overall winners of the Five Week Film Challenge.


When you enter a 5 Week  Film Challenge you are given elements to include in your film – which you have to make and submit in just five weeks.


PQA Torbay AM Red Group entered in January 2023 and their elements were: Prop – Rugby ball, Costume – Roller skates, Genre – Comedy and Dialogue – ‘Can I have a look at it? I may see something that you can’t.”


Red Group Boys – Justin and Max came up with the idea Rollerhands, like Johnny Depp’s haircutting classic, Edwards Scissorhands and from there the ideas just rolled out.


The script was written from these ideas by Film & TV Teacher Oliver Newton Browne with some contribution by Stand Up Masterclass Comedian Jal Galbraith.


Students were the crew as well as the cast with Lily H as Director, Jude and Noah were co- Directors of Photography and Cameramen and Lily W on Sound.


Film & TV is PQA’s USP and its also a favourite module with many students with this film and many others being shown on the Big Screen on Sunday 14th May at Vue Torbay as a part of our red Carpet Cinema Screening.






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