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Students from PQA Wolverhampton along with PQA Bridgnorth and Telford came together to perform at the amazing Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. Performing The Magic Hour written by Jonathan Dorf.

10 students from the academies prepared and rehearsed the play before heading off for a week in Edinburgh performing the play to audiences at the Fringe. It was the first time at this huge event for everyone involved, both staff and student alike, and for many it was the first time away from home for an extended period too.
Students not only performed but were out marketing the show on the streets of the city throughout the day, handing out leaflets, putting up flyers and talking to people about the show. It is an incredibly busy place with vast numbers of people flooding into an already busy city, some 2.5 million visitors over the 4 weeks of the festival. There are over 56,000 performances during this time so standing out from the crowd and drawing an audience requires work and effort.
Additionally, students performed 2 slots on outdoor stages on The Royal Mile to promote the show, a totally different experience performing to a passing audience and trying to draw a crowd.
It wasn't just performing though, students went to a string of fantastic shows from a wonderful one woman show to improvised musicals, magic shows and reviews. Students met fantastic people from many shows and were able to talk to them about performing and their experiences while out and about many famous faces spoke with them too., students met Russell Howard, Hardeep Singh Kohli, actors from Hollyoaks and our own Charlie Quirke who was in the fantastic Our Boys which was voted Best Show of 2018.
We all learned a huge amount about performing at the festival and will definitely bring this to future visits, the students were very tired by the time we set off back to the Midlands but they had a fabulous time and every one of them spent the trip back planning for 2019.

PQA News Wolverhampton
Posted on September 12, 2018

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