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PQA Wolverhampton opens its doors in a new venue

Students at Wolverhampton PQA had their first sight of the fantastic new venue at Tettenhall College on Saturday. The move gives the academy amazing new Poppets (4-5yrs) facilities, a drama suite with breakout spaces and lots of filming locations on site. Principal Julian knows the school well as his son attended for 14 years, “Tettenhall College has given us the opportunity to improve on our facilities and utilize the array of locations that exist on the site, we have a café, office spaces, hallways in the original house, a chapel, cricket pavilion and 33 acres of grounds with woods, pitches and more. Film is our unique offering and often an academy is restricted to classrooms, corridors and dinner halls, the move to Tettenhall opens our horizons massively”. Students are currently coming to the end of PQA’s Monologue Slam competition, studying Suessical the Musical, about to begin the PQA 5 week film challenge and the PM academy is well into rehearsals for it’s 1st West End show. If you wish to appear in the West End in June 2020 or are interested in any of the other activities that Pauline Quirke Academy Wolverhampton has to offer then please contact Julian on 07838115152 or email For more information contact Julian on 07838 115152 Or e-mail at

PQA News Wolverhampton
Posted on January 23, 2019

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