PQA Wolverhampton National Theatre Project

Wolverhampton 28th September, 2023

PQA Wolverhampton National Theatre Project

PQA Wolverhampton morning academy Red Group (13-18yrs) will once again be tackling the National Theatre Connections program this year.

The academy has to apply to be involved and then choose two out of ten plays, of which they are allocated one. This year the academy has been allocated a brand-new play called ORCHESTRA. “We now have to put the play on it’s feet, design set, costume and props, rehearse and prepare to perform the play at a local venue and then at our Partner Theatre in Buxton”, said Principal Julian. “It is a complex process. The play is brand new and has never been performed before, so we have no precedents to influence or inspire us. On top of that is the logistics of arranging a number of shows at venues other than our usual, plus ensuring everyone is in the right place”.

Exciting learning opportunities

Our Director Jacob will be attending a weekend of workshops at The National Theatre in October, created to explore the play and the characters. His session at the academy will be filled by a special Masterclass booked for all of the students with a star of the cast of the movie Barbie, an exciting opportunity to learn about the movie and explore one of the dance routines from it.

NT Connections plays are challenging for the students, they deal with subject matters that are often contentious for the age group or challenging for them but exploring these within the environment of performance allows the students to experience them less directly and discover how they might react in a similar circumstance.

Our other students will not be missing out while this is happening, the younger morning academy students will be performing their very own version of The Wizard Of Oz and the afternoon groups will be preparing for their next West End show in 12 months time. All students will also continue with their filmmaking with a number of projects planned along with a screening of this years films as part of the Birmingham Film Festival in November…

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your child to take part in such events and more, contact [email protected] or 07838115152 to request a free taster session, simply tell us your child’s name, age and whether classes at 10am or 2pm suits you most.