PQA Torbay – Serious Fun

Torbay 12th September, 2022

PQA Torbay – Serious Fun

Of course between singing, dancing, acting and filming we have a lot of fun at PQA Torbay, yet within that we are developing core skills, team building, theatre etiquette, set protocol to prepare them for a challenging and competitive industry.

The creative arts also helps them devise, adapt, respond, listen and collaborate – key skills for life.

“I’m passionate about providing local children and young people with national opportunities, to give them an understanding of how their creative life could look beyond just being the talent and for many young people simply giving them time away from their screens to be creative as a part of a team”, Victoria Whelan – Principal

With the creative arts being cut from so many schools curriculum, PQA is key in providing this enriching part of children and young peoples lives and we create the innovative leaders of tomorrow.