PQA Torbay – Know Your Kit

Torbay 20th September, 2022

PQA Torbay – Know Your Kit

One of the things that attracted me to PQA was the Film & TV module as even though I start my career as the talent, performing and touring in music and theatre, even clowning – over the years I have want to get my hands on the production side of things as well.

I’m passionate about showing our students the range of roles in the creative arts as its not all about being in front of the camera.

You may start there, yet the curiosity to understand the whole process and be able to make your own films or recordings yourself makes you want to know your kit.

From cameras and composition, sound recording and levels, blocking and directions – our students learn the whole picture and how they fit into it within the various roles.

I love when students are as keen to use the boom and sound as to be acting, or call the scene with the clapperboard, finding their voice and directing the scene.

As the UK largest provider for teaching Film & TV our students learn about the equipment and the roles on set and how it all fits together. The feedback is the PQA students are brilliant actors when on a professional set as they are patience and understand the needs of the whole production.