PQA Swindon AM’s Red group filming on location

Swindon 13th February, 2018

PQA Swindon AM’s Red group filming on location

Red Group AM have just completed their entry in the PQA 4 Week Film Challenge where they had 4 weeks to create a short film.

The day before the planning started they were given the theme of the short film as well as a piece of costume, a line of dialogue and a prop all of which had to be featured somewhere in the final film.

Over the month of January, they did everything! This started with writing the story, arranging who would do all the production roles and planning all the shots and they filmed it all too.

Filming took place at the Wiltshire Hotel and Golf Resort in Royal Wootton Bassett. The group split into two subgroups so two separate films were created. Even though they had the same criteria; both films were extremely different.