PQA Hits the West End!

HQ News 21st September, 2023

PQA Hits the West End!

When a mysterious tube train unexpectedly arrives in Tunneltown, The Voyagers head off on a journey of a lifetime. This group of brave adventurers take up Johnny Toxic’s and the Diablos challenge to find three treasures which will win them their freedom…

Will they solve the ‘ancient’ riddle?
Will they set the inhabitants free?
Will they make it… Across the Line?

As PQA enters its second decade in the West End, our repertoire of shows continues to grow. From the glitz and glamour of ‘Lazy Ace’ to the wild west of ‘Trouble’s a Brewin’, PQA’s new Musical Adventure takes us on a whole new journey across multiple different worlds. And it premieres this weekend at His Majesty’s Theatre in London!

‘Across the Line’ has been written especially for PQA by the brilliant Will Brenton. From theatre and TV to directing, writing and producing, Will has worked on iconic children’s programmes and in prodigious theatre venues across the globe! Following the new wave of storytelling, PQA’s new West End show takes inspiration from popular contemporary stories such as Stranger Things and Game of Thrones, as well as favourite family classics like Trollz and the timeless tale of The Wizard of Oz.

A coming-of-age musical

In this contemporary, coming-of-age musical, our incredible students will lead the way in an exciting action adventure! A story relatable for all, with inclusive casting opportunities, it’s perfect to celebrate every student’s individuality and bring together multiple academies in our well-loved West End experience. As well as a whole host of speaking parts, it also includes puppetry. This is a new skill that our students have enjoyed learning, not least because they get to make their very own puppets!

A unique West End experience

Every PQA academy will get the chance to perform the new show during its run. This gives PQA students from all over the UK a unique West End experience they will never forget. We can’t wait to see the show come to life at His Majesty’s Theatre in London this September!

If you would like to join us in one of our West End productions of ‘Across the Line’, you’ll need to sign up to your local academy – find your nearest here.