PQA Hemel Hempstead has a New Principal!

Hemel Hempstead 8th August, 2022

PQA Hemel Hempstead has a New Principal!

We are so excited for the news of PQA Hemel Hempstead’s new principal!

A message from your new principal:

‘I am so excited to be taking over PQA Hemel Hempstead as Principal in September! I have been involved in the performing arts industry all my life, having trained and worked professionally in dance and musical theatre. In December 2020, I opened my own dance school in Milton Keynes, which I am proud to say has done extremely well, and recently won ‘Best Dance School in the South-East. Up until now, I also worked as the musical theatre teacher for PQA Coventry, which is where I was introduced to the PQA family!

I absolutely love what PQA has to offer each of their students, the opportunities PQA provides a young performer is unmatched! Every PQA academy feels like a family, where students are provided a space to excel, be supported, learn skills for life, and unlock their fullest potential.

I can’t wait to get started – roll on September!’