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On Monday 12th February, 61 parents, students and siblings made their way to London Gatwick Airport to embark on a whirlwind adventure in New York City!

In only four short days in the home of musical theatre, students enjoyed a whirlwind of inspiration which far surpassed all expectations!

Day 1 in New York saw students visit the fantastic NBC Studios where they were given the VIP treatment and travelled through live running studios on a special tour. Students experienced and witnessed all the elements and challenges of live broadcasting, enjoyed Q&A sessions with NBC staff and finished the tour by making their very own Winter Olympics themed commercial! Students acted as the presenters, voiceover artists, athletes, sound crew, lighting crew and camera crew! The outcome was brilliant and the experience of filming in a live studio was one to be remembered!

Following on from our NBC Studios tour, students then made their way to the iconic Ripley Grier Studios on Broadway where they enjoyed a 'Living the Music' masterclass with a true Broadway legend! With over 40 years' experience working on Broadway students were given the royal treatment by this incredible performer as they got to grips with one of Hello Dolly's classics! Learning lyrics, staging and most important, getting in to character - students had a ball learning from the cream of the crop of Broadway!

We finished our incredible first day in Manhattan in the very best way - on Broadway of course! After a quick bite to eat, the group made their way to the amazing New Amsterdam Theatre where we watched (with sheer delight and amazement) Disney's hottest new musical - Aladdin!

Day 2 saw students wake with an extra spring in their step, after finishing the night before on such a high seeing a professional production on Broadway, and we certainly didn't waste any time heading out for the day as soon as we could!

After breakfast, students made their way back to Ripley Grier Studios to embark in back to back masterclasses based on Aladdin the Musical! After watching the show the night before, students got to experience the show in a special workshop with some of the Broadway cast! The cast put our students through their paces, working on vocals and choreography, before opening the room to an incredibly invaluable Q&A session. Both staff and students learned so much!

After working hard all morning in workshops, the afternoon was dedicated to a little sightseeing! Students and parents made their way across New York on the subway, followed by crossing the waters on the ferry and landing at the Statue of Liberty! It was a fun afternoon full of photos, giggles and memories.

That evening we had the most fun at dinner in the world-famous Stardust Diner back on Broadway, where the waiting staff sing while they serve - no better way to finish the day!

Our final day in the Big Apple allowed some free time for parents and students to explore the city. Some chose to climb the Empire State Building, some of us visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum and others hit up Fifth Avenue for a well-deserved shopping spree!

As we all boarded the plane to say goodbye to New York City, we were a tired party, flicking through all the incredible photos taken, discussing the lessons learned on Broadway, sharing our highlights, and all in a silent sense of agreement that this won't be the last time we would visit this magical city! But for now? We leave a little part of us on Broadway and thank the Big Apple for a trip we'll never forget!

Now we take back everything we've learned to PQA and use it to prepare us for our upcoming West End Shows this year - one for Harrogate and one for Stockport. We can't wait.

Until next time Broadway!

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Posted on March 12, 2018

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