PQA Croydon’s Visit From The Mayor


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Croydon 9th May, 2024

PQA Croydon’s Visit From The Mayor

On 20th April, Mayor of Croydon, Mr Jason Perry, came to PQA Croydon for our open day and Poppets (early years) class launch.

Mayor Perry stayed for the talk and tour of the academy with Principal Natalie Persaud, observing the outstanding breadth and variety that PQA Croydon provides our students. Along with this, Mayor Perry heard all about the links in the community PQA Croydon have forged to bring exclusive perks for our students, such as discounted theatre tickets at Stanley Halls, 4-week summer school places at just £4 per day and an exclusive collaboration with Raindance Film School, to provide PQA Croydon students with the ultimate filmmaking experience!

Mr Perry commented on how much he liked the nurturing structure and inclusive feel of PQA Croydon. He highlighted how the specialist teaching team do an excellent job of maintaining the safety of students whilst they participate in our exciting projects, designed to teach skills for stage, screen and every day life.

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