PQA Cambridge’s cinema screening

Cambridge 16th May, 2017

PQA Cambridge’s cinema screening

On Saturday 10th December 2017, our students will enjoy the red carpet treatment and watch their very own movies on the big screen!

From the beginning of the Summer term, our students will be writing, planning, directing, and starring in their own movies which will make their way to VUE Cinema in Cambridge this December!

We will be tirelessly making the best movies we have ever made, with our excellent Head of Film & TV.

We are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our students, and cannot wait to show them their own films at the same cinema which shows the latest blockbusters!

Each age group will be making their own feature film, and comedy sketches to go accompany them. The students will be involved with every aspect, from pre-production, all the way to the editing at the end.