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Brighton West 3rd February, 2016

PQA Brighton West partners with MO:VEL

PQA Brighton West is excited to announce our Partnership with Mo:vel.

Mo:vel is a Brighton based company that offers a range of active, urban shoes, the name Mo:vil comes from “movel” meaning mobile in Brazilian Portugese.

Mo:vel is inspired by Brazil, the country that champions movement above all others and the Brazilian spirit of ‘Ginga’, a concept, or feeling focused on fluidity of movement that permeates Brazilian life. As such, Mov:el felt sponsoring the Academy, who teach and also celebrate movement, dance and performance in all its forms, would create a great partnership.

For their debut collection, Mo:vel collaborated with Brazilian artists Bruno Nunes Coelho and André Coelho Moreira, who have created unique and joyful prints, inspired by the rhythms of Boss Nova, Axé and Forró for the shoes. Each season will introduce limited edition collections working with up and coming artists. You can see thier range of shoes at www.movelshoes.com

Each Saturday, you can see a selection of their shoes on display at the Brighton West Academy where you will also be able to pick up a VIP Membership card that will exclusively entitle PQA students to 20% off shoes in the Mo:vel Store in Bond Street Brighton and are valid for a year from the date of issue.