New Year New Hobby!

Hull 26th December, 2022

New Year New Hobby!

January always brings the feeling of a fresh start, a chance to make a change or to try a new hobby perhaps!

After the Christmas break full of fun, festive games and pantomimes you may have noticed a new-found confidence in your child to engage with their creative side! It could be the perfect time to start a new hobby and Performing Arts may be the perfect route for your child!

James Aconley, Principal at PQA Hull explains how Performing Arts can develop key skills for life!

‘‘Whether it be diving in their dressing up box or stepping onto the stage, performing is important to children and young people, and the benefits of this can often go unnoticed. Performing arts can teach them key skills that can be used in everyday life.


Children are naturally imaginative, and pretend play and make believe comes easily to them.  Imaginative play can enable a child’s social an emotional development, helping them to form new ideas and develop resourcefulness.

Problem solving

The ability to solve problems creatively within the safety of a performing arts environment can be transferred to everyday life when dealing with a variety of issues. If children feel comfortable exploring and dealing with problems in a non-linear way, this makes them more confident overall.


Performances are a classic form of storytelling, not only for entertainment but for sharing tales and ideas.  Performing in character can help children appreciate another person’s point of view. To accurately portray a character, we need to be able to step into their shoes, understand their situation and what has brought them to that situation.  If a child understands a character in this way, they can apply this to everyday life, helping them to react to friends and adults, developing their social skills.


The ability to listen is an important skill, especially when a child is in a new setting, with new routines and expectations. During performing arts classes children, take direction from their teachers and peers. This encourages them to be receptive to others’ ideas and work collaboratively.

Confidence Building

Some children are never happier than putting on a show for their family and friends, but for some standing up in front an audience can be daunting. Performing arts are hugely beneficial to children’s confidence levels. Learning new skills, rehearsing, and performing in a safe space, with the support of expert teachers and encouragement of their peers, can prepare children to deal with situations in which they feel anxious.

At PQA Hull, we have three core modules, Musical Theatre, Comedy & Drama and Film & Television, which provide our students the very best mix of both performance based and technical training as well as providing them with skills for life to help them grow into well-rounded individuals.’’

PQA Hull are holding a free open day on 14th January for children aged 4-18 years old to come along and experience a day in PQA.


Children and young people can enjoy a day in the life of a PQA student, led by industry professionals, whilst making new friends in a fun and rewarding environment.


Everyone is welcome, so come along for the day!

Join the PQA family and be part of their upcoming production of We Will Rock You and lots more unique and special opportunities!


Spaces are limited and filling fast! You can secure your space today by visiting


PQA Hull runs at Tranby, Anlaby

Every Saturday 9.45am – 1.00pm and 1.45pm – 5.00pm


Have any questions? Contact our Principal James Aconley at [email protected] or call 07753 179070.