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This new autumn term brings new and exciting projects across our three modules.

We are starting with a focus on skills learning.

In Comedy & Drama students are exploring character interpretation and techniques that will enable them to become characters vocally and physically.

In Musical Theatre students are tackling scenes where they need to act and then move straight into singing, it should be a smooth and natural transition. This will enable students to see musical theatre as a triple threat (singing, dancing and acting at once).

In Film & TV students are embarking on new filming projects that will be entered into the PQA Film Festival next year. Students will be working from professional film briefs, starting in pre-production and will see their film go all the way through to post-production. All films made this year will also be screened at our Cinema Screening next year!

Nearer the end of the autumn term, our students will be introduced to the musical that they will be performing at the West End next May! The Lazy Ace is a fantastic musical comedy and casting and rehearsals will begin at PQA Nuneaton & Hinckley in December 2017.

Our fabulous Poppets groups are exploring different themes each week that combine acting, singing and dancing and will be working hard towards a Christmas showcase at the end of the term.

Our academy is fun and welcoming and full of young students with a shared passion for the performing arts. Please contact the Principal Rosie to arrange your child's free taster session by emailing

PQA News Nuneaton
Posted on October 4, 2017

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