Masterclass with Rapper iAM13E at PQA Ealing

Ealing 12th March, 2024

Masterclass with Rapper iAM13E at PQA Ealing

Last Saturday PQA Ealing was delighted to welcome iAM13E (pronounced “i-am-be”), a Bristol-based Emcee, Poet, Wordsmith and Beatmaker, for a Masterclass with students on rap and poetry.

As well as delivering a unique free-style rap to each class based on ideas given to him by the students, iAM13E took students through activities designed to not just build skills in writing, but also tools to use creatively and within life, to manage stress and anxiety and so their voice can be heard.

Students learn about rhyme and song structure, developing ideas in small groups and bringing their own experiences into the mix. They also worked on connecting ideas through a common theme and then brought it all together to deliver their own raps at the end of the class.

We’re so pleased at how well our young performers embraced this new and exciting challenge from an industry professional and we are sure that the skills they’ve build will help develop them as performers as we progress through this year at PQA!