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PQA Solihull had the amazing privilege of having BAFTA award winning Adrian Headley.

Our students at PQA Solihull got the chance to work with Adrian and learn from a highly establish industry professional.
During the master class they learnt to:

1. Be yourself – don't try to act like a "presenter", be the "enthusiastic confident" you.
2. Talk directly to the camera as though it is one person - pretend the camera is your best friend.
3. Vocal techniques – slow down, speak clearly and make it sound conversational.
4. Body language – be relaxed, be still and "hit your marks".
5. Be prepared to ad-lib if things go wrong!

Along with this the students also got to ask questions regarding the audition and rehearsal process to put on a TV show. This type of master class was inspiring and intriguing to our pupils.
Adrian had great patience, enthusiasm and passion that came across and became infectious to everyone around.

Thank you for a brilliant master class Adrian!

PQA News Solihull
Posted on August 3, 2015

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