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HMT What a Night!

PQA West End Performances June and July saw the first ever PQA performances at the Her Majesty's Theatre in the glittering West End. Students from PQA wowed capacity audiences during the shows culminating in spectacular finales! Below, some of the feedback from parents about the fantastic performances and performers...thanks to all the folks that made this possible, prinipals, teachers, parents, theatre staff the PQA office team but most of all to all the great performers, you're all superstars! For official photos and action shots please click here For rehearsal photos please click here
Just want to say how brilliant the west end show was. Being involved in PQA Hemel I know has had an incredible impact on my the girls' development, on their characters and on their self-esteem. This has already helped to shape who they are to become later on in life. Basically what I'm saying a parent....words really ain't enough............From the heart, I want to thank you and all the PQA staff for your phenomenal passion and commitment for the work you all do with all the children. N - PQA Hemel Hempstead
"What a thoroughly enjoyable evening last night was! Many, many thanks for all your tremendous efforts. We could hardly believe so many children could look so comfortable on a West End stage! Every act was performed to perfection - beautiful dancing, singing, dialogue - but most of all, every child looked like they were enjoying it!
Teddy was thrilled to bits to be involved, and was on a high all the way home. We know organising these things takes a terrific amount of work and commitment, and you all need to know that it doesn't go unnoticed.
With our sincere thanks"
M&R – PQA Penn
"My family and I had a great night… Zoe had the most amazing night and was on cloud 9 when we collected her from the coach. However, I couldn’t get Zoe out of bed this morning…Congrats to all involved, here’s to next year !"
"We would just like to thank you and your team for making yesterday such a special evening.
We both thoroughly enjoyed the show -especially Penn PQA of course. The children did you proud. Their performance was so slick and professional and I especially enjoyed the narrative theme and the "Black with a hint of...costumes.
Many Congratulations to you all and good luck when you do it all again next week!"
S&S – PQA Penn
"Just wanted to say WOW what a performance all of the students gave at the West End last night. It was fabulous to watch and the kids were obviously having a lot of fun. It is a credit to you and all of the staff that the routines were brilliantly constructed and executed.
Best wishes"
KC – PQA Penn
"I just wanted to congratulate you all on a great show on Sunday night. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the excitement is still buzzing. Barney didn't sleep at all on Saturday night or after on Sunday, he was so full of it!
The whole show was very professionally done, many congrats, you must be very proud, I certainly was.
Best wishes"
J – PQA Penn
"First of all may I congratulate you & the team on a wonderful show on Sunday. Thoroughly enjoyed it all, you guys work magic with the kids, I font know how you do it!!(pleased you do though!)
Many thanks"
BD – PQA Penn
"Just wanted to send a quick mail to say thank you for Sunday. Alice had 'the best time' and has not yet come down from the ceiling! I thought each of the kids were absolutely fantastic. The atmosphere in the theatre was so positive as everyone was rooting for the children. One thing that struck me was how the children were so obviously enjoying every minute of it. They were trying their best but at no point did they seem to feel under pressure. As a parent, I am torn between being thrilled that Alice has had such incredible experiences at such a young age and preoccupied that she will feel life is an anti-climax as a gown up!! As a teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a variety of children of different abilities perform with such confidence and enjoyment. The boost in self-esteem that such an experience will give them is immeasurable. I see this in Alice most acutely and for that I am very grateful. You and the team did and are doing a great job.
Thanks again"
JC – PQA Penn
"WOW!!! What a night. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to watch Liberty on the west end stage! Everyone looked like they were having a ball…The work and effort each week totally paid off. I bet you were really proud of your team of students. Please do Thank everyone at Penn for us! And would you please be able to pass this email onto Pauline. The PQA academy has been a lifeline for us and Liberty. She has totally grown into her own and we are so so proud on the young lady she is developing into. She lives for performing and as you can imagine is always singing and play acting at home. Once again Thank you Toby for all you and your team do for the kids. It was worth every moment!!!!
See you Saturday and have a great week."
VJ – PQA Penn
I am still amazed at the outstanding performance on Sunday. The quality of teaching going on and therefore the standards shown speak for themselves. I am so pleased and grateful Annie had the opportunity and it was an evening we will never forget.
Thank you so much. Best Regards
V – PQA Hemel Hempstead
Toni was exhausted & could barely get her out of bed Monday!
She had the best time ever & hasn't stopped talking about the whole experience! Thank you all so very much.
D H – PQA Hemel Hempstead
I just wanted to say how wonderful last nights show was and how proud you must be of all the children involved. As Pauline said they are well behaved and I hope they were good for you in what I believe was a somewhat cramped ‘dressing room’. Thanks for all your hard work with the children. Based on their performances and the smiles and energy they emitted during the show I know they all really enjoyed it and I hope you managed to enjoy it too. Take care and see you soon.
R I - PQA Hemel Hempstead
Hi Adam, I just wanted to e-mail you and say it was absolutely fantastic last night. We were all blown away by the professionalism and standard of performance by all the children. They were all fantastic and you and your staff at PQA Hemel should be very proud of what you have achieved – I am still buzzing this morning and so are Maddie and Luca. Thank you so much for making it possible to see our children on the West End Stage taking part in such a wonderful performance. Can’t wait to see the pictures – I have to have one of Luca as Donald and Maddie as Minnie – will be great for their 18th birthday memorabilia!!!!  Best wishes
S W - PQA Hemel Hempstead
What an amazing show! Adam and all the team you really are fantastic. Thank you so much for giving Indi and Pierce such an opportunity. An unforgettable performance by all.xx
N & S - PQA Hemel Hempstead
Absolutely fantastic last night Adam, well done to you and the teachers, you should be very proud!! I had tears rolling down my cheeks!!! Summer thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, what a great experience and i think you may have quite a few stars in the making on your hands
S - PQA Hemel Hempstead
What a triumph! The students worked their socks off . I felt so proud of them all.
Rachael had a really special day as well. It was a wonderful show. You should be really proud of yourself and staff for putting it all together. Best wishes
G C - PQA Hemel Hempstead
I think the whole of PQA should be giving themselves a “HUGE PAT ON THE BACK” – The show was superb and so professional. Harriet is still buzzing. Well Done to you all – Fantastic opportunity for all those who were able to take part. Enjoy yourself there again next Sunday – You must be exhausted…
Congrats again. See you Saturday…
L - PQA Hemel Hempstead
Thanks for the congratulations email and organising such a good evening at the theatre. Eloise loved being involved and cant wait to be older to do more. such a great opportunity for all the kids. She has gone into school today ( lucky school was still off Monday ) to tell her class and teacher what she has done!
A T - PQA Hemel Hempstead
And a big thank you to you Laura & Vics. I hear from Grace that you had janitor duties as well. Sounds like that was beyond the call of duty. Grace's Mum & I enjoyed Saturday so much.  They were jaw droppingly good and I was knocked out by Hand Jive. I hope you and the rest of PQA are proud of what you and the kids achieved on Saturday. Thanks again. P – PQA Penn
I have been meaning to email you all week, the show was fantastic really special I have been telling people about it all week. You and your team must take some credit for Sunday, you give them the confidence to enjoy performing without it being pretentious, the kids are focused because they are happy and want to do well. Freyja loved it she said she was so sad it was all over. I would love a poster if you could keep one for me - Thank you Best wishes S - PQA Penn
We whole heartedly agree that Saturday was superb and all of the performances were excellent; testament to the hard work of the children and clearly representative of you and your teams outstanding work. Very well done to all at PQA. We'll check with Abbey regarding a poster, but could you please let us know if a DVD of the performance(s) will be produced and be available to purchase? Many thanks PM - PQA Penn
Darryl would love one of the posters thank you and I would just like to say a big thank you for such a great evening well done! D - PQA Penn
Thank you Toby. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were so very proud to see Alex on a West End stage. Well done to you all. G - PQA Penn
Thanks for the email. What a fantastic & very special evening it was! We thoroughly enjoyed all the performances, so professional. Just a fabulous experience for all concerned. Alastair really enjoyed it, as did we in the audience. A huge thank you to you and your team for all your hard work in putting on such a great show, it was a really magical night. Alastair would definitely like one of the posters. Many thanks again. J - PQA Penn
It was an absolutely wonderful show and experience for the kids. We loved it and were so proud of all of them. Oli enjoyed himself - he was knackered when he got home but had a brilliant time. Thank you for making it happen. Thanks also for looking after him while we returned from London after the coach's arrival. If there are any spare posters, we would like to purchase one. Good idea and nice keepsake. G - PQA Penn
I've been meaning to send you an e mail to say a HUGE thank you for Saturday night - it was amazing to see our kids up there on a West End stage - if a tad emotional !! You and your team must have worked so hard - the kids were a real credit to you and really gave it 100%. Ben came out saying it was "awesome"!. We'll take a poster on Saturday. Thanks again. KC - PQA Penn
Thanks for the thank you! The children were amazing and we really enjoyed the different interpretations of what ‘American Dreams’ meant to each academy. Mia and Anya had a fantastic time, Anya wants more of the same! Well done to you and the team for putting the programme together and achieving such a high standard with all the children. Loved all the academy’s! Best wishes H - PQA Penn
Many thanks for your email and a really big thank you for a wonderful evening’s entertainment on Saturday night – it was a really joyful experience! We came with Eddie’s uncle and aunt and were all so impressed by the amazing performances,  and of how much the children seemed to be enjoying themselves and working together as a team. It was very inspiring. A huge thank you to you and all your colleagues for giving Eddie an experience he will never forget, and also to all your wonderful pupils who were terrific! Can’t wait for the next event! Best wishes. C - PQA Penn
We would like to say thank you to everyone at PQA, Emma had a fantastic time doing the show and we all had a great time watching it. You all worked so hard. Emma will not be able to come along to PQA on Saturday as she is away doing her Duke of Edinburgh Certificate but she will be there the following week. Did anyone take any photographs of the 'cast' on Saturday? Regards JS – PQA Penn
It was a well deserved whoop! They would not be there giving it their all and having such a fantastic time if it was not for your leadership and the great team you have at PQA Penn. Heba would love a "American Dreams" posters, she will have the 5 on Saturday. Thanks again. D – PQA Penn
Just a note to say how grateful i am for Sunday night and all the effort you guys have put in over the last few months. It was the most amazing experience, one that i will never forget. We have all had so much fun preparing for the show and the amazing feeling we had whilst performing was worth every single second. But none of this would be possible if it weren’t for you because you are all so passionate and supportive so that even if we don’t do it for ourselves, we do it to make you proud. Thank you so much for everything. A – PQA Penn
The show was fantastic. Lydia had the time of her life - what an experience! A big thanks to you and all the the other teachers for all your hard work. Please could Lydia have a poster? She'll bring 5 on Saturday. L – PQA Penn
Congrats to all for last night excellent and very enjoyable. Best wishes P – PQA Penn
Thank you so much for last night; it was brilliant! The kids were so professional, enthusiastic and had obviously worked so hard; they were a credit to you and all the work you, Vicky and Laura have put in over the past few years. Our Laura was buzzing on the way home, and keen to do another (no pressure there then!). Hope you have a relaxing week, you deserve it. Thanks again, K & D – PQA Penn
You deserved the big Whoop Whoop cos you and your team did fab work with the kids and they were brilliant on stage. The whole idea worked really well linking their songs together through the book. I'd even go and see it again! Looking forward to the next big've set the bar high so we'll be looking for extra-greatness! Kind regards, LC – PQA Penn
Just a quick note from my dad who says that he enjoyed the whole show so much and that he is so pleased at how well our academy did, my nan and friend said they shed a tear, which I think is a good thing. Also did you think I could buy a poster. Thanks again and I'll see you on Saturday. H – PQA Penn
Well done to you and the team. Brilliant show, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Very well put together and all the hard work has definitely paid off. Regards. RL – PQA Penn
A real credit to you and all your helpers I thought they were brilliant ! I really liked the way you linked it all with the book that was brilliant and made the songs so easy to recognise and follow. Hannah was buzzing last night and although very tired this morning still on a high! So thanks again S – PQA Penn
Thank you so much for a fantastic evening last night. You must be so proud of what the Penn AM children achieved. It was such a lovely idea using the book. India had a wonderful time and I am so glad that she has had this opportunity to perform on the stage in the West End. It was perfect the whole night and all the songs. Regards NC – PQA Penn
Thank you so much for all your hard work. Yesterday was absolutely brilliant! Lucy loved every minute of it and to see all those kids looking so happy and confident on stage is a real achievement. It says so much of you all that the kids looked relaxed and happy (makes a huge difference from the terrible theatre school Lucy went to previously where all the poor kids looked unhappy and uncomfortable being on stage!). The choice of songs was excellent too. Congratulations and thanks once again. AM & BC – PQA Penn
Congratulations Toby. It was a fantastic performance last night. All the chikdren were brilliant. A massive achievement. AE and M – PQA Penn
Two things - WELL DONE for the whole of yesterday, you should be very proud, and secondly, many apologies from me for being the last parent to collect their offspring! Regards K – PQA Penn
Just wanted to say thank you to you and all of your staff for all the hard work you put into making the show last night such an amazing one. We thought it was absolutely fantastic and something that will stay with us forever. Ruby and all of your students were all superstars and they should all be proud of themselves. Ruby didn't stop talking about it all the way home and kept wanting us to ask her questions about it!! If you have any posters left, I'm sure Ruby would love one. Once again, well done and thank you. M & SM – PQA Penn
We would just like to add our huge appreciation and thanks to you, and all of the team at PQA Penn, for the incredible effort you put in to making the 'American Dreams' show such a success. Our family was blown away by the evening - the professionalism and attention to detail exhibited in the performances was exceptional, as was the sheer enjoyment we experienced! We left the theatre with big smiles on our faces, as the joy, love and sense of family on stage last night was tangible...absolutely wonderful. So THANK YOU for all your efforts, both seen and unseen - The way they were all woven together through the story telling was a master stroke! With much love and appreciation, H and PC – PQA Penn
Thank you all so much for a lovely evening, all the children performed excellently and Robbie really enjoyed the whole experience, so thanks again for taking the time out to put on this for them and us. The whole atmosphere with the young people was lovely and we really enjoyed the coach trip with them singing and engaging with each other. Well Done to all. Best regards J and JT – PQA Penn
I just wanted to congratulate, the teachers and the children on an absolutely amazing show last night. Boy, did you guys pull it out of the bag! If this were Glee it would have won regionals, sectionals and nationals in one fell swoop! Please pass on congratulations to everyone concerned. Kind regards GH – PQA Penn
Toby the whole show was really fun to watch. You and your team did an excellent job. Gabby really enjoyed the experience. Thanks. JK – PQA Penn
Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for the amazing work you and the rest of the team have done this past year. The performance was absolutely fabulous!!!! Lily has matured sooo much and I just couldn't believe how she looked so confident, focused and smiley it really did bring tears to my eyes . She said that she absolutely loved being a part of it and would gladly do it all over again tomorrow. What a result!!!! A big big thankyou to you ,Laura and the rest of the Penn team what a marvellous job you have achieved. You must feel extremely proud of directing and producing such outstanding results from each and everyone of your pupils -AMAZING! Kindest Regards JL – PQA Penn
Thk u so much 4 a fantastic evening. I just want 2 c it again let alone Hannah wanting 2 do it! What an experience! Amazing evening, so professional  - outstanding! Thx again L – PQA Penn
It was so slick and the story telling really enhanced the flow of the show. Thought the kids were extra talented & we were all so very proud watching them. Elise had a great experience so thank you for that and we saw her really shine on stage which brought a tear to our eyes (saddo's!). Sure you are all rather tired after such a long day for you and hope you find time to recover this week. Elise unfortunately cannot make this coming Saturday as has her Football Tournament/Presentation - followed by her netball one!!!!!! I'm already exhausted at the thought! So she'll catch up with you on Sat 25th. Please pass on all our thanks to your fantastic team & of course Pauline who made this all possible in the first place. JA – PQA Penn
A big thank you to you and your team. A thoroughly enjoyable evening. A tremendous job - and a feat of logistics. Very very well done. Regards NC – PQA Penn
Just wanted to say "What a fantastic show!!". So professional. Thank you so much for all your hard work with the children. I know Thomas will never forget this experience. Despite a little stage fright, he said he loved it!! Thanks xx S – PQA Penn
Thank you so much for taking such good care of Jacob firstly its quite some responsibility to take all those children of all ages to London and look after them all day let alone the pressure of the performance......I was a very proud parent as were many in the audience! Your cheer at the end was by far the biggest and most deserved.  Jacob reduced me to tears I really didnt think I had such a handsome son!!!! I loved his hair and the costumes were fab. The dance routines were very slick in all the songs too. I was so wrapped up in the whole evening i never got Paulines autograph for Jacob so wondered if at a later date you could get her to sign it for Jacob please. He would like your autograph and the teams as well as you really were the important ones on the evening!!!! I would also like to thank you for having Matt for the day he thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and said what a really nice team you are and very welcoming!!! I would also like to especially thank you for breaking the rules a bit and letting Matt take Jacob early as he is now off on a residential week with his school to Wales and had to be up for 5.30am this morning!!!!! We did get away quick so as not to cause any issues for you!! Jacob doesnt get back until late on Friday and will probably be absolutely shattered so we will not be there this Saturday and the following one we are picking Matt up from Uni so he wont be there again until 2nd July. Hope this doesnt cause too many problems with new projects. Kind regards SH – PQA Penn
We just had to write and say a huge WELL DONE to you and your team for helping the children to perform as well as they did last night. The routine for the handjive was superb and they were all together and having a ball.  We also wanted to thank you for giving Tom the opportunity to do his Jersey Boy bit we thought he was great and again give huge thanks to you and the team for helping boost his confidence to pull off such a great performance. Well done to all!! G S and E – PQA Penn
Just wanted to email you as soon as possible to thank you and your team for such an excellent and entertaining evening last night. All the groups performed to such a high standard. Of course, the pinnacle of the entire show was my daughter's one line in the Lion King! Thanks so much, this is a memory we will all carry with us from now on. For her to be given that opportunity is beyond belief....and for her, and all of them, to find the resolve within themselves to perform and so obviously enjoy it, is priceless. Many thanks from a mum who is bursting with pride! JG – PQA Penn
What a fantastic evening! A big thank you to your staff and yourself for a tremendous performance, you must be very proud. Zak had a fab time, just completely exhausted! All the best SS – PQA Penn
Just wanted to place on record what we thought of last night's performance. The length was just right, and the pace was great, it was good to see the performances of the other academies and the profile of their children/style/interpretation - particularly liked the story book inclusion - thought that tied things together very nicely. Hemel put on a great show and it was lovely that they got to close the show and put in a great performance too. Pauline's opening, closing and academy intro's were spot on. Her style is very natural, very funny and inclusive. She clearly loves children of all ages and as a parent it made me feel very proud that our daughter is part of Pauline's "wider family". You clearly all worked very hard to get the kids to where they were last night - great to see such passion in action and so many smiling faces. We particularly liked that the performances really integrated the younger and older kids together - definitely a lovely USP for PQA. Hope you and your team enjoy a well earned break. Holly was just buzzing when she got home - we had a sneaky chinese take away and bed for all 3 of my girls at 11.30pm. We took Pauline up on her suggestion and took the girls into school for 10.30am this morning. I can't tell you how chuffed it makes me that the money we pay for Holly's PQA is so well spent (our finances are very tight right now and it eases the conscience enormously to know that Holly loves every minute of her time with PQA). Many, many thanks again. CA - PQA Hemel Hempstead
Well done for your great West End performance on Sunday. You are all stars!We are so proud of your achievement and feel that your hard work really paid off. We hope you enjoyed performing and the experience as much as we did. Watch out MAD at Waddesdon, here we come!
I wanted to say Thanks to you both for the performance last night. We really enjoyed it - much more than we thought we would - and felt as though everyone did you and the academy proud. They were all really professional and came across brilliantly. Laura really enjoyed herself and could not stop talking all the way home! Well done, hope you can put your feet up a bit this week. Really looking forward to Waddesdon and hope the rain stays away! All the best D – PQA Milton Keynes
Just a note to tell you what a fantastic time our family had whilst watching ALL the PQA kids perform on Sunday evening. Our daughter is part of the Milton Keynes academy and she enjoyed every minute of it. We didn’t really have any expectations of the performances, after all what can you expect from kids having 3 hours of fun every Saturday morning? But it was SO professional! All it can be put down to is the enormous dedication of Martin, Di and all the MK staff. They are amazing, the effort they put into the kids time at the academy is incredible. They do this with no pressure on the kids, they make if fun. We are so grateful for the confidence that is growing in our daughter. Many, many thanks, G and DG – PQA Milton Keynes
Thank you so much for all your hard work. Please pass on our thanks to all the staff. It was fantastic! I am sure Libby will remember that evening forever! Best wishes H and PY – PQA Milton Keynes  Just wanted to say we had a great time on Sunday and thought that the PQA MK group did us proud. We thought they were very professional and enjoyed every moment of their performance. Many thanks to you and the PQA team for doing such a great job. Best Regards N and FP – PQA Milton Keynes
Just to let you know that we had the most fantastic time on Sunday, I sent an email via the enquiries on the website just letting them know how much we enjoyed it. Thanks to you and your gang of great staff you pulled off something amazing! You should be very proud of yourselves too. Thanks GG – PQA Milton Keynes
Just a quick email to say a massive thank you, to Pauline and her support staff for putting on a fasntastic show. My wife, family and I saw the show, American Dreams, on 17th July at Her Majesty's Theatre. Our daughter Madison ,who attends PQA Woodford Green, loved it appering on the big stage was a dream come true. Just to say thanks again. S and WM - PQA Woodford Green 

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Posted on July 5, 2011

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