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Over Christmas we set the students at PQA Halifax a challenge to write a review of a production they had been to see. After reading through several entries, we chose Lucas from Green Group as our winning writer. We hope you enjoy reading his review. Dear diary, Tonight was great, I had a wonderful time watching some very talented people. My parents took me to the Piece Hall where I had a very delicious hotdog before the show began. The show was held in a gigantic tent with fancy stripes on the outside. We were lucky enough to get second row seats! We arrived slightly early so enjoyed chatting and looking at the venue. When it started, there was a magician/host, he made me laugh lots. Also, my favourite trick he did was when he pulled a white cloth off of a table full of cutlery and crockery. He tried to stop doing it but in the end he managed to do it without tipping any of the items over! The second act was a funny lady doing gymnastics and hula hoop tricks. She kept making the audience laugh by wiggling her bottom! Next was a well-known magician who didn’t speak, did all his act with mimes to music, and he multiplied some doves before our eyes! This was fabulous and by far my favourite act of the evening. Finally, a wonderful singing lady took to the stage and performed some Christmas hits along with Let It Go from frozen which had everyone singing along (even my brother!). She wore a beautiful long sequinned gold gown, I think she was very glamourous. On the way out, it was like lights magically appeared in front of my eyes and I couldn’t believe what a wonderful evening I’d had at the show. I would highly recommend these events at the Piece Hall to anybody. I can’t wait to go to the Abba tribute show here in 5 days time!

PQA News Halifax
Posted on January 23, 2019

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