Drama Students receive expert advice

Wolverhampton 17th July, 2020

Drama Students receive expert advice

Students at PQA Wolverhampton as part of their online drama classes learned about university and drama school at special online sessions arranged for them by Principal of the academy Julian.

During some rehearsals for a radio play a couple of older students who are looking to head to further education next year asked for advice about applying to drama school. This revived an idea that had been under consideration for a while, Julian contacted a couple of people he knew, and University Sessions was born.

The students met online with Phil Nicholls, head of the film department at University of Wolverhampton and Gary Lagden a senior tutor at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London where they were able to ask questions about applying to universities and drama schools and auditioning too. “The discussions were wide ranging and covered the pros and cons of both types of establishment along with planning and applying” said Julian Principal of the academy. “They were enjoyable sessions and extraordinarily helpful for the students. We certainly plan to repeat the concept for the students as they enter their application process. Parents will also be invited to participate in face to face sessions in the future as we quickly became aware that many just don’t have the knowledge and familiarity with this that is ideal”.

Students also heard an interview with Lauren Hughes, a past student of the academy who is now a second-year degree student at the world-renowned Italia Conti performing arts school in London, she talked about student life and her experiences at drama school.

The school has been closed since March in accordance with guidelines and plans to re-open in early September firstly for current students to be followed shortly after by new students. In the meantime students have had classes with their own teachers, competitions and online workshops with West End performers, Casting Directors, Actors, Clowns, Mime Artists, Animators from Aardman Animations including Nick Park – creator of Wallace and Gromit and much more. Younger students, known in the academy as Poppets, have had workshops with one of the groups creative team, bedtime stories and lessons with their teacher Ana – and more stories with Pauline Quirke herself…

“Nothing is as good as face to face teaching but we have striven to make it as good as possible for our students. There is more still to come before we get back and so many good ideas for live classes as soon as we return”.

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