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Bridgnorth Holiday Workshops

August 1-5th and 8-12th sees the first of PQA Bridgnorth's Holiday Workshops.

1-5th August..."Make A Movie In A Week", this sees Anna and Kerry combine to produce a short movie over the space of a week. Come along and plot, script, rehearse and shoot your own movie. At the end of the week or shortly after everybody will receive a copy of the movie on DVD with a few extras too if time allows. 8-12th August..."Make A Musical In A Week", Gemma and Zara will work together to great a fun musical along with the students which will culminate in a performance on the Friday. Based around popular music we all know and love the show will take us all on a trip down memory lane. To sign up call Julian on 07838 115152 or e-mail

PQA News Bridgnorth
Posted on June 1, 2011

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