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By Alyssa shaw – PQA Bolton Red Group

What is Bolton PQ Academy
It's fun it's laughter it's one big family
We go every Saturday once a week
We practice and rehearse until we are sleek

We performed in London on a west end stage
what an opportunity for someone my age
Troubles a Brewin was the name of the show
Set in Alberquirky just so you know

Blackpool tower what a beautiful thing
And in the Ballroom we all did sing
With the G4 Guys we sang a Christmas song
We sounded like angels all night long

Next we are off on a bus to Disney Land
Through the Euro tunnel it will be grand
A special workshop with Disney performers
Singing and dancing with fabulous teachers

High School Musical will be our next show
Rehearsals will start soon don't you know
Venue all booked and scripts are ready
Time to work hard time to get busy

Teachers work hard to make us shine
I bet at the end of academy they need wine
What is Bolton PQ Academy
It's fun it's laughs it's one big family


PQA News Bolton
Posted on January 30, 2019

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