Academy Locations:



England & Wales

Open: w/c 4th January - 7th April
Spring Break: w/c 12th April - 21st April

Open: w/c 26th April - 28th July
Summer Break: w/c 2nd August - 25th August

Open: w/c 30th August - 15th December
Christmas Break: w/c 21st December - 29th December


Open: 5th January - 6th April
Spring Break: 13th April - 20th April

Open: 27th April - 13th July
Summer Break: 20th July - 10th August

Open: 17th August - 14th December
Christmas Break: 21st December - 28th December

PLEASE NOTE: Academy dates may vary depending on location. Your Academy Principal will advise you if they should differ from the above.

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