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Fully Supported

With you every step of the way

As an Academy Principal you will enjoy a huge amount of support from PQA HQ. You will receive continual support from all our departments covering everything from productions to safeguarding, and marketing to IT.

Academy Business Services

Our Academy Business services team offers a wide range of support to Principals including advice on compliance, licence agreements, and manage the process of new Principals joining PQA. On top of this, you will also have a dedicated Business Manager (BM) in your area who will help you to start, grow and sustain your business. The BM’s will organise regional meetings so that you can meet and work together with other Principals in your area.


The Creative team advise on how our Academy modules are delivered across the nation. This includes everything from holding Principal and teacher training days, creating projects for lessons, facilitating masterclasses with industry professionals, advising on showcases, and much more. The Principal remains the creative lead of their Academy choosing, with their teachers, the material to be worked on.

Film & Television

Film & TV support Principals and teachers in the delivery of the Film & TV module and associated events and projects such as cinema screenings and film festivals. The Film and TV team provide help and advice on equipment, teacher recruitment, and training for the Principals to understand this unique module. They also curate PQA’s online broadcast of Academy films.


Our Finance team collect all student membership fees by direct debit, saving you from a substantial administrative burden, ensuring there is no bad debt and relieving you of those difficult conversations. They will also arrange for any recharges to be made to your account should you wish to offset costs such as print or display materials.


The IT department design, maintain and support PQA’s information technology. This includes providing Principals with a laptop, email account, and a personalised database with a substantial array of business tools. IT keep your customers' information secure and website working.


The Marketing department support and advise Principals with the promotion of their Academies, as well as raising awareness of the brand nationally. They will run and pay for a large-scale marketing campaign to launch your Academy, provide a free of charge artwork design service, support with PR and send marketing materials to prospective students, to name just a few.


The Productions team run our West End season; this includes everything from the creation of new shows to booking a top London theatre and running training courses to supplying costumes. They also support Principals with Regionals Shows and taking and Academy show to our very own venue at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


PQA has a dedicated team of safeguarding professionals who are available 24/7 for advice and support with any of your safeguarding concerns.

Quirky Kidz

Quirky Kidz Creative Management is our in-house children and young performers agency. They exclusively represent PQA students nationwide for professional work in television, theatre, film, radio, and commercials.