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We welcome the following Academies to the PQA family, don't miss out on our amazing free open days at...

* PQA Bolton (AM) Opened 17th September

* PQA Stockport (AM) Opened 17th September

* PQA Stourbridge (AM) Opened 17th September

* PQA Rugby (PM) Opened 17th September

* PQA Barnsley (PM) Opening 24th September

* PQA Doncaster (AM) Opened 24th September

*PQA Hull (AM) Opened 24th September

* PQA Taunton (AM) Opened 24th September

* PQA Bishop's Stortford (PM) Opened 30th September

* PQA Windsor (PM) Opened 1st October

* PQA Dulwich (PM) Opened 1st October

* PQA Norwich (AM) Opened 1st October

* PQA Reading (AM) Opened 1st October

* PQA Harlow (PM) Opened 2nd October

* PQA Amersham (PM) Opened 8th October

* PQA Chester (AM) Opened 8th October

* PQA Bromley (AM) Opened 8th October

* PQA Welwyn Garden City (AM) Opened 8th October

* PQA Enfield (PM) Opened 9th October

* PQA St Albans (AM) Opened 9th October

* PQA Bow London (AM) Opened 15th October

* PQA Liverpool South (AM) Opened 15th October

* PQA Middlesbrough (AM) Opened 15th October

* PQA Sunderland (AM) Opened 15th October

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* PQA Tees Valley Plus (PM) Opened 20th September

* PQA Stroud Plus (PM) Opened 21st September

* PQA York (PM) Opened 22nd September

* PQA Sutton Plus (PM) Opened 24th September

* PQA Harlow Plus (PM) Opening 28th September

*PQA Swindon (PM) Opened 30th September



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